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+ We already have an updated list of Industrial Park & Its representative of the landlord directly (with various kinds of area & lease price). These factories are suitable for storage factories or/ and product factories. (Industry Vietnam, Factory for rent, Factory for sale, Vacant land, Industry law, Vietnam Industry Situation, Realestate status …)

We also have ready-for-lease-warehouses or/and factories that have permission from the Special Government departments (Firefighting, Environment, EPE certificate,...)

In Vietnam, the Firefighting requirements have changed and very complicated. Many Investors (especially foreign Investors have much confusion about firefighting problems). Much of the content in the fire protection standards and the current legal regulations in Vietnam have changed in recent years. The Government of Vietnam has stringent requirements on the issue of fire prevention and fighting. If you have any concerns at the investment stage, conducting legal procedures, operating the plant, repairing the plant. Please contact us.

We also have many information about Industry, Industrial Realestate, Vietnam Industry situation, Vacant land, Realestate status, Industry law… are very useful for the owner (like FDI enterprise, EPE company, ...). You can also check our other real estate service HERE.

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Our working process is:
+ We will send you an inquiry form (according to our experience) - The purpose for us to understand you better.
+ After receiving the inquiry form. We have obtained a specific request from you. We will send you back the report in a pdf file of your options in less than ten days.
+ We will then wait for your response to send you more suitable options if you have some issues that need assistance.


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